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Aug 27, 2019
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Almost Probably Mostly Harmless Mar 22, 2020

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    I came to this Forum to learn, and then to help others when I had learned enough. Thank you to all, for teaching me so much....!

    When TSW came to Playstation, this opened up a whole new opportunity to produce a professional mass market Train Simulator, and push forward the best of what was available to a completely new level.

    But this is a difficult process, because it could have transformative impacts on existing culture in the community. Culture change is always considerably harder to achieve than process change. Many people want to hold back the tide, resistant to losing the comfort that they are part of a small club that has massive barriers to entry (IT competence, tech knowledge, railway industry experience, a lot of patience.... etc.).

    But everyone should be allowed to love trains. Because... they are trains...! And they should be easy to love.
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