1938 Tube Stock, A Quick Review

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    Had bit of a bash on the latest UK DLC, the 1938 stock. For £11.99 it's not bad. It looks gorgeous, The brakes take longer to kick in as does the acceleration and its a joy to try and time your run perfectly. The sounds aren't the best but that was to be expected as its carried over from the IoW 483. On the whole though it's a nice little train to have and I look forward to having a few runs on Bakerloo line with it. 277e60a1-dfae-415a-bc81-a1f77927090f.jpg 3391e1e7-4b30-4e4a-94af-450102626a10.jpg dd7008f5-58a9-4ef5-9000-91432b093ae3.jpg df750ebd-83f6-42a6-92d6-ba248c647f37.jpg
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