1950/1960s Boston & Maine Rr, New England Dlc

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    Howdy all, I have an Idea for a possible DLC that I think A lot of people would like and look beautiful in the current gen TS games or even maybe in a future TS sim. My Idea is to take the dlc and go back in time 70 years back to when Diesels had the cool aero like designs. Of course there are a whole lot of RR you could choose from and areas from the US and other countries and I have seen a lot of them done through out the Sims but o ne area which could use some more love. New England and New Hampshire in particular.
    Why NH? well NH, VT and parts of Maine has some of most beautiful scenery out there especially in Fall when all the trees turn different colors. That would bring a pretty awesome feeling to the game driving an old Emd F7A through the White Mountains on a crisp October day. Another reason for this area is that back in the early days, There was a Class 1 RR that was pretty big and operated in 5 states and lasted from 1836 - 1983. That RR was the Boston and Maine RR, one RR that deserves more recognition in my opinion. They Had quite a variety of distinct Trains/Engines and a few famous ones like the legendary Flying Yankee and also the Speed Merchant. Two of which would be some awesome engines to add in as dlcs. But besides that, Within the RR there was around 25 Routes they had which can give the game producers a lot to work with. One particular Route I would like to see if possible would be the Montreal - White River Junction - Boston route because it goes right through my home town and was the route my Great Grandpa drove with B&M and would be beyond awesome if I could do it also. But before I turn this into and dang essay and keep rambling on, Thanks for anyone who got this far reading and if you feel the same and or would like the see the Game Devs bring in a B&M DLC please leave a like or your thoughts and help get the word to them. And ill leave some pictures of some of the engines and scenery that would be awesome to see in game below. Thanks!!!




    Flying Yankee 01.jpg


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    Hello, I am presently Building "Maine Mountain Division" Portland Maine to St. Johnsbury VT. Follow my progress here: Facebook.com/trainsimulatorenthusiasts

    I intend to build other area railroads after I see how this one goes....

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