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Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by clemenstrain Nr. 9036, Aug 21, 2021.

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    Apr 12, 2021
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    Dear Dovetail Games team, I am now documenting how I proceeded since Thursday morning after the update was available. I downloaded it right away in my excitement, how should I know what happens after that? After that, only 5 routes were displayed, DTG announced a "second" update for PS4 and I wait and wait, it's already 9 p.m. in Germany and read on that the add-ons are apparently being downloaded for free from the store can. In the "My Add-Ons" section on the PS I just downloaded everything and lo and behold - it actually worked! - But only for my German routes HMA, RT, RSN and MSB. WSR, SHS, LGV, and LIRR did not download. Since then, no matter how often I try to download Wsr or any other of the above routes and the download completes, every time I open the game it shows me an error code. It worked on the other routes too. Patch 1.43 came out yesterday, but it didn't change anything. How can I bring the missing 4 routes back into the game? If you want me to get Rush Hour or any of the following DLCs, you should fix the problem as soon as possible. with regards, Clemens Fischer from Germany
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    Hi the dlc in the store that says free still doesn't work.
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    You'll find that they don't particularly care, and are quite happy not to update anyone until Sony have solved the problem, whenever that is. It seems that the DTG staff have rewarded themselves with a well-deserved weekend off due to all the time they have spent dealing with the problems which they caused over the last few days.
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    I wouldn't say that, see the next quote.
    But obviously it doesn't make much difference, the difficulty of getting all these updates right was just too great. And there is no chance that knowledge can be substituted by enthusiasm ...
    I've been saying for a long time that DTG needs to be more professional, and so it was kind of doomed to fail, to be honest.
    I only wish I hadn't installed this update, but as it is now, TSW2 will remain deleted from my console until all my routes are working again.
    The suggestion to reinstall the game and "try" to see if it works is further proof that they have no idea what to do.

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