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A Few Things

Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by Piazzz33, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Piazzz33

    Piazzz33 New Member

    Sep 1, 2018
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    Ok, finally an American bass fishing game!! Thanks! But need a few thing to be more of a sim first the average bass is way too big! A five fish bass tournament doesn’t often have 50lbs to win. 10 pound bass should be much harder to catch. A 5pound bass is small in this GAME.
    Also the fish fight should be changed at the end of the fight so there isn’t a fish swimming in circles around the boat for a minute before landing it. Possibly a way to swing smaller bass into boat and a net to land larger bass this would be great addition to make it more of a sim. Some kind of meter?
    Also... shore lines need to have more structure... docks, laydowns, ability to yank a fish out of a lay down!! Awesome! The size of these lakes are great but just look so repetitive. There should be 100s of houses and docks.
    Ok also I think the ability to zoom in/out in 3rd person view would be awesome. Would be easier to use the trolling motor as you fish down a bank. Also would make for a great screen shot. I know that this could be done.
    Finally, this GAME needs to be separated from the Europe style fishing. There is so much that needs to be fixed that you just have so much to do fixing issues with basically two different games.
    Yes things like the fish finder need huge attention but if fishing down the bank on the trolling motor was more realistic then the off shore stuff I think could wait. Yes would be amazing to hover over a smallie and drop shot it off the bottom watching the graph but it’s a long way from that. This is just my 2cents let’s try to keep this a sim and not an arcade GAME. The title does say simulator.
    Oh yea the boat is steers backwards in reverse...... not a big deal just irritates me.
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