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Acela Express: Silver Star Scenario - Speed Limits Bugged

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by arthasmenethil, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. arthasmenethil

    arthasmenethil New Member

    Apr 28, 2019
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    I'm a pretty experienced user of NEC trains in TS2019 (and TSW) and I decided to go back and play some of the Acela scenarios I left untouched because I was more of a fan of the older Amtrak locos.

    Anyway, I encountered two serious bugs with the track speeds in the stretch between the Newark Penn station stop and the Metropark station on the "Silver Star" scenario. For context, I always play with ACSES and ATC enabled.

    #1) Approximately halfway to 2/3 distance between Newark Penn and Metropark, you are traveling at 90mph MAS and are approaching a 75mph MAS reduction. You have an all clear signal, however there is a track change (from a local to express track) that causes the MAS to change to 60 unannounced (only displays under your speedometer, not on the track HUD) so while your gradually braking to 75mph, your MAS suddenly changes to 60 for the crossover and you get nailed with a speeding penalty. There is no approach limited, limited clear, or advance approach warning signal to notify you of this upcoming speed reduction nor is there a "60 mph" flag on the track HUD to warn you either -- it just says 75.

    #2) Approximately 1-2 miles from Metropark a similar issue happens. This time, you have an MAS of 110mph and are approaching a 90mph MAS reduction with a clear signal and are braking accordingly. However since the station stop is coming up, I had already put the brakes into suppression. The cab signal changes from clear to approach limited (signal speed 45 / track speed 90) - no big deal I was in suppression already and acknowledged... EXCEPT out of no where the track speed just suddenly became 45 because there is a track crossover from the express to local track about 0.9 to 1.0miles from Metropark. This was devastating and I incurred over -500 speeding penalty because I was still braking down from about 75mph. The brakes were already in suppression but you can't just go from 75-90mph MAS to 45 instantaneously. The approach limited signal means I need to be 45mph by the time I get to the next signal which I was obeying -- except the track change was just moments after entering that block. The problem is there was no advance signal warnings to slow the Acela beforehand -- I should have received the adverse signal in the previous block (i.e. approach limited/advance approach) instead of the block where the crossover occurred which is typically how NEC signals function.


    Other minor errors I noticed with signals -- while approaching Newark Penn (and again when leaving the interlocking), there are wayside signals reading medium clear (red over green aspect) indicating 30mph speed however the cab signal reads limited approach limited with signal speed of 45mph (MAS 35mph) - I obeyed the MAS but the signal speed should have been 30 in both of these instances.

    I know these are old scenarios but it seems like an easy fix for a popular route/DLC that is otherwise disappointing for those who are familiar with, and enjoy playing NEC locos.
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  2. TrainFreak1994

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    Dec 29, 2018
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