Ai Horn Suggestion For When Walking Around Yards And Trackside.

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    I have been wondering about something that is a both a safety factor (in real life) and a realism addition.
    When you are walking around in a yard, if a train is approaching you, it will blast it’s horn to alert you of it’s presence meaning for you to move to a position of safety.
    This is the same for on the mainline. And when you are stood by a level crossing or foot crossing this should be the same (in theory).
    Is there any way of adding this to TSW2? If it could be added that when the train is within say 50m of you, it will sound either a Low and High horn or a Low Horn and depending if you are in a yard, the Class 377 has a depot whistle which would be a nice feature.
    It would add to the realism.
    I hope this will be considered, Cheers.
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