Airedale Line For Train Simulator Or Extended Settle - Carlisle?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by 45596 Bahamas, Oct 12, 2019.

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    F6138596-EE70-4972-B64E-6AE2EDCC62AD.jpeg 33A2C000-E688-41A4-B720-88557472EB41.jpeg Now one thing I want to do in TSxx is to be able to drive the 1E23 (Carlisle - Leeds around 14:00 departure) but I can only go as far as Settle then that’s it. Now if we added the Airedale line we could do the full route. I think it would make a nice change since the pacers are going and the class 331s have come in.

    If DTG - or any other developer - could extend the S&C to Leeds we could do lots of rail tours. Like the Waverley. But then again, developers would have to put a lot of money in to make these lovely class 333s and 331s. Especially since Northern have just refurbished all of the rolling stock.

    At Keighley train station is also the link to the KWVR (Keighley and Worth Valley Railway). Now VP, SSS, BPP and various other third party developers have made this route. I think they might have a good chance at helping out making it.

    Not to mention VPs Harrogate Loop Line. They have made all the gradients for the Airedale line on that route but no track or scenery. I feel this could be a start to something big.

    A class 333 and LNER A1 tornado at Bingley station
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