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Airedale & Wharfedale Lines

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by jamie0656, Dec 27, 2019.

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    Dec 26, 2019
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    Airedale & Wharfedale Lines (Leeds - Ilkley/Skipton/Bradford)
    This route is one of my personal favourites as it is the only line in the UK to utilise the BR class 333. It is an electrified route that runs from the heart of Leeds to serve other small towns and villages, and along the way it passes some beautiful countryside. This route has gained the nickname "triangle" due to the locations of the terminuses making the shape. I think this line would be good for TSW, as it stands out because we currently don't have any modern British routes for TSW that are located in the north. The stations (such as Skipton) also have some beautiful architecture.
    General information
    Location: Yorkshire, England
    Length: Over 48 miles in total
    Era: 2010s
    Terminuses: Leeds, Bradford Forster Square, Skipton, Ilkley
    Rolling stock
    Class 333
    The class 333 is an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) built by CAF in Spain from the years 2000-2001. 16 trainsets were built in 3 car formations, but later in 2002-2003 the trains were lengthened to 4 cars. These units have a top speed of 100mph (160km/h), but they can only run at a top speed of 90mph due to linespeed restrictions. The trains are fitted with Scharfenberg couplers which makes them only compatible within their own class. The trains have 2 liveries:
    Northern rail livery (2009-Present)
    Arriva Rail North livery (2019+)
    Class 322
    The class 322 is an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) manafactured by BREL in York during 1990. They were one of the last trains to be constructed with the MK3 bodyshell design, used by many BR trains of the time period. A total of 5 trainsets were built for use all across England, but were later sent to northern. The trains operate in 4 car sets along the route and have a top speed of 100mph (160kmh). The trains are fitted with Tightlock coupling, which allows them to be compatible in their own class, along with the 321/9s that also run along the route. When the trains were given to northern, they were fitted with things such as CCTV and automatic GPS announcing systems, which made them able to be used on the route. The trains have 1 livery:
    Northern (2005-Present)
    Overall, I think this route would be something very new and interesting for TSW. It has new trains and routes to bring to simulation that we havent yet seen, and would overall be a great addition to the game. It has a commuter feel to it while also having beautiful scenery, along with the old feelings of some of the stations. The modern route explores the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, pleasant for anyone driving or riding. There are many videos on Youtube of the trains in action around the area, which you can view if the route interests you. I really hope this route is considered as it would really highlight this area of the north, and if it isnt then it would be good for TS too. If anyone thinks there would be some issues with this route being added, please let me know.
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