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Api Call For Modifying Cab Occlusion

Discussion in 'Content Suggestions & Proposals' started by kiski, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. kiski

    kiski New Member

    Apr 27, 2018
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    Hi all, I´d suggest to add one new script call that would allow controlling cab occlusion amount. If it´s doable, of course. So we could control it the same way we do with RGB values in light blueprints.

    Why? Because we all know how it works atm - let´s say we want to enable players to control cab windows, thus set volume of external sounds in cab. Now we must have two sounds, practically identical - one set to BOTH, and related to RailVehice controled proxy (thus attenuated by cab occlusion blueprint), and the second one set to INSIDE and related to CAB controled proxy (not attenuated and not affected by cab occlusion). As long as we control them both with one controller, and we´re out of the vehicle, the "BOTH" railvehicle sound will fire up but "INSIDE" sound not. And when it comes to loops, INSIDE loop will fire up everytime I enter the cab if conditions has been met. Neither way is good.

    By controlling occlusion in occlusion blueprint we would need only one file, the one marked BOTH, and with moddable occlusion we could affect its attenuation and occlusion inside the cab. The second sound wouldn´t be needed at all.

    Or - now light version comes up :) - make INSIDE loop sounds fire up even when you are outside of the vehicle, even if you can´t hear them, AND, fire them up only once when conditions are met - this way inside loops will behave the same way like BOTH loops. Their volume can be very easily adjusted by changing apropriate controler, f.e.named ExteriorSound that would change with cab windows position.

    Personally I don´t think it´s hard to implement, at least the second/light version. But first one suggested would be much more cooler.

    Thx for response. Any.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018

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