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    These are the bugs I've encountered with this route so far.

    - in the tutorial the engine has no sound until you open the door
    - in the tutorial the engine is actually facing backwards so your slope indicator seems completely wrong
    - the baggage car has no audio associated with it
    - the last car has very bad low res textures compared to the rest of the train
    - the log cars have a very strange lighting glow that goes over them, also missing the under shadow
    - the audio in the engine breaks almost constantly, clicking, and broken loops, this includes the horn
    - the audio for the window wipers comes from behind the player
    - the lights shut off randomly and you need to reset them for them to work again
    - the front right headlight shuts off and you need to reset the lights for it to work again
    - when closing the right side doors, it closes all the doors

    This is what I can think of off the top of my head, will add more later if I think of any or encounter any more

    On a side note, I am so tired of being forced to change controls, I play the game in classic, so DO NOT force me to play a different way. I am not a 10 year old child where I do not know how to use the reverser because it says it's a different control. I have to constantly quit change my controls, start the game, change my controls again, and then continue playing, heaven forbid I need to reload or restart, then I have to quit and do the process all over again. So much fun.

    Same thing with tunnel camera, I've played this game since it launched, meaning TSW, and not being able to watch my train go in or out of a tunnel just aggravates me. Let me play the way I always have played and the way I want to play. Stop forcing my play style, especially when it's as simple as leaving options the way they already were. Most great shots of trains include them going through a tunnel or coming out of one onto a bridge, please, just let me enjoy that in this beautiful game you've created
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