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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by chriis, Oct 5, 2021.

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    Nov 11, 2020
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    Not sure if this would be to everyone's taste (or if I've missed a custom mapping function somewhere in the menu) but I would like to suggest an amendment to the mappings of the arrow keys on the keyboard. I presume this would apply to consoles with a keyboard plugged in and not just PC users, which I am.

    Currently the left and right arrow keys cycle between the various fixed viewpoints in the cab, scrolling between the 'driving' position, head-out left/right and the various gauge/control-specific views preset in the loco.

    I'd like to suggest that these be remapped so the left and right arrow keys move you only between the driver seat and the head-out views, and the up and down arrow keys scroll you through the various gauge/control-specific views.

    I think this would give much quicker access to the head-out views directly from the drivers position, without having to scroll through the other views to get there, but with the other views still accessible easily. As an extension, I'd also suggest Shift+Up return you to the driving seat view, centered as if you've just sat down in the seat - I kind of 'reset to driving view' function, if you will.

    I know on most locos one or other of the arrow keys usually takes you straight to head-out, then pressing it again takes you to the other side, but this doesn't appear to be completely universal. Thinking of the ECW 377 in particular it actually takes two presses of the left arrow key - and a wait while the camera animates to look at the display screen - to get to the head-out view...

    Interested to see what others think...
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    I like the general idea, but maybe a better option would be having Shift+side arrow keys for control panels, instead of up/down keys? It would feel more logical as most panels are located to the sides.

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