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Bahnstrecke München-passau-landshut-plattling

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by kaltner.manuel, Oct 14, 2019.

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    Feb 19, 2019
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    The Landshut-Plattling railway line is a single-track, electrified main line in Lower Bavaria, which runs along the Isar and connects Munich with Passau in the further course.

    The route length is
    I have currently found nothing

    Vehicle use

    The driving operation
    Until December 2009, regional express trains (RE) operated every two hours on the line. The trains operated as turning trains with a class 111 locomotive with 2 double-deck cars and 2 n-carriages. The trains were boosted during peak hours and on weekends with double-decker and n-wagons.
    Also in the 2 -hour clock frequented a regional train (RB). These reversing trains were made up of class 143 and 4-5 n-car locomotives. The trains of the regional train ended, however, partly in Freising or Landshut.
    From the BMW plant in Dingolfing also run several freight trains over Landshut to Munich and Regensburg.

    From December 13, 2009, only the Danube-Isar Express, which connects Munich every hour with Landshut, Plattling and Passau, operates on the route in passenger transport. Operator of the Danube Isar Express is the DB Regio. Railcars of the ET 440 series (Alstom Coradia LIREX) are used. The previously used regional express and the regional train will be eliminated hqdefault.jpg 44312391625_ff793db02f_b.jpg hqdefault.jpg 44312391625_ff793db02f_b.jpg

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