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Bass Fishing Is Broken

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by jordangourley, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. jordangourley

    jordangourley New Member

    Jan 1, 2019
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    I don’t understand how this game is even playable for bass fisherman.

    I’m going to list a few of the blatant problems here in hopes somebody at DTG reads this

    1. Drag system
    It seems the developers couldnt decide wether to build a reel drag system or a line tension meter, the end result is an extremely weird mish mash of both. When you hook a bass of say 5-10 lbs, you should only have to set the drag once. If the meter on the left is indeed a “drag” the same setting should never limit on both ends. If the fish is strong enough to overcome the drag, you should not be reaching the line break limit. Thats not how a drag works. The reel drag irl is designed so that you CANNOT reach the limit of line capacity, so if the drag is set too high the line might snap, if set too low the fish will run all the line out, But NEVER should the fish run the line out AND achieve enough line tension to snap the line at the same drag setting, especially if the rod position and angle remains unchanged.That doesnt make any sense. Every bass you catch on any reel and rod combo irl will have a sweetspot for that individual fish somewhere within that reels drag system, while fighting the fish you may have to make an adjustment to get there, but once there you dont really have to manipulate the drag anymore. The current patch requires a constant manipulation of the drag while fighting a bass, as if it were a line tension meter that you “play”. That is not sim. Thats borderline mobile gaming. Even worse line strength doesnt appear to factor at all. Ive winched 6 lbers to my boat with 65lb braid before IRL, with the drag fully tightened because I know there is not a Largemouth on earth that can overcome 65lb braid. In this game it seems like there is no difference between between 4lb mono and 65lb braid.

    2. Twitch
    Another problem is the “twitch” retrieve mechanic. I have yet to achieve the twitch retrieve in any fashion outside of accidentally for a moment or 2. Ive been all over this forum searching for answers and it would seem others have noticed and are having the same issue.

    3. Reel speed after bite
    Yet another issue is reel speed when a fish bites, if the fish picks up your bait and swims towards the boat you might as well forget about it. Realistically this is a tougher bite IRL but a fast reel down and hook set can can still win this battle. The problem with the game is when the bass bites the supposed reel speed goes to “5” but even though there is slack in the line the speed of which you make up that slack is nowhere near what reel speed “5” is pre-bite. And therefore the player is stuck trying to perform a hookset with 10 yards of slack in his line.

    4. Lack of bass in boulder
    This could be me, maybe i havent found them, but on the other bass fishing lakes Im hitting 40-50lb bags in the 20 minute SP tourneys with no issue, but in the boulder invitational Im having a hard time catching just 1 bass in 20 minutes., and therefore cannot advance my single player tour to the next tournament. This is actually a non issue compared to the game breakingness of the first 3 in my list, but still a problem i think.
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  2. tripcordwheeler

    tripcordwheeler New Member

    Feb 11, 2019
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    Yup, bought this game for the bass fishing and it's terrible.... First thing three tournaments caught 0 fish... 1st place was 18# all three times ... forth tournament caught 28# came if 10th..

    And yes drag is terrible, still no idea how twitch works.. I've owned he the game 3days and I've already had enough of the point system... If I wanted to grind out levels I would play WOW. I'm an adult have have a life to tend to, no time to play silly mind games about how to con the game for tp. Hope we get an overhaul.
  3. dmoreno78

    dmoreno78 New Member

    Oct 7, 2018
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    I've been experiencing this too. After the latest Bass Jumping update, the issue is way worse as the line tension swings wildly up and down no matter what. I made a YouTube video showing this in detail and hope the developers will take note:

    Fishing Sim World issues - spinnerbait reeling and bass fighting

  4. Redbulladdict-85

    Redbulladdict-85 Active Member

    Feb 19, 2018
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    yo yo springs to mind when u fish for bass

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