Best Ts2019 Dlc Of 2018?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Medellinexpat, Dec 17, 2018.

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    These days there seem to be awards for just about everything around the festive season. However I’ve not seen anything for TS add ons that came out in 2018.

    Personally my ‘Overall best of’ would go to DTG for TS2019 64 bit. The move to 64 bit has given the game a much needed breath of life

    Loco of the year for me would be AP’s Class 31

    Rolling Stock of the Year AP’s Mk2a-c Coach Pack

    Route of the Year would be a little tougher. Of the 2018 routes I’ve bought this year nothing is for me a big standout (I buy mainly UK routes) and my guess is one of the new German routes would probably take the prize.

    Best Utility, AP again for the new Sky and Weather enhancement pack, and I’d argue runner up to T2019 64 bit as best overall

    Best Freeware, I’ve been busy discovering older freeware so I’ve no pick here. However if and when DPsimulation release North East England they’ll likely have a contender for 2019.

    So a personal and rather UK centric choice, but an opportunity to recognize that despite all the posts of bugs and disappointments there has been some excellent additions this year.
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    For me personally there isn't really a big standout in regards to DLC this year. TS 64bit was a big step up in the game but that isn't a DLC as it was a free upgrade to the game.

    If I had to pick a DLC for 2018 it would be Creative Rails ECML York Peterborough that was released in April. Reason for that is because it provides the last piece of the ECML that we needed. Soon we should see the ECML merged route that is currently being work on so that we can drive the whole ECML London to Edinburgh in one go without changing scenarios.

    2019 should be a good year though. I am personally looking forward to the ECML Merged that I just mentioned but also Just Trains Blackpool Tramway route and London Underground S8 Stock, DPsimulations North East England Route, and although not TS20XX related Train Sim Worlds Editor Tools.
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