Better (more, Louder) Freight Wagon Braking Sounds

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by jolojonasgames, Sep 6, 2021.

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    Hi all, yesterday I had the fortune of standing on a platform awaiting my train when a heavy iron ore train (the so called Erzbomber, that transports iron ore from the port of Rotterdam to Germany, though I'm not sure if this one was the actual one to Dillingen), double headed by two BR 189 locos stopped for a red signal on the adjacent track. The noise was immense, the braking sounded the way I'd imagine the trumpets during the end of the world to sound. The squeel was complemented by the sound of the metall of the wagons getting stressed (that sound was more pronounced when the train departed again).

    Compared to this there really isn't enough braking sound on TSW freight wagons. A lot of wagons still don't use disk brakes, using the simple system of block brakes instead. This makes freight wagons very noisy when compared to passenger coaches in real life, but in TSW it feels like they make almost the same amount of sound. I really think that large sound improvements can be made on freight wagons, making them the noisy things they are in real life, and the brakes would be the best place to start with that.

    As a bonus, a picture of a similar train to the one I saw yesterday (not my own picture, I was a bit more focussed on catching my train in all the Grand Prix commotion of that day).

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    And rail joint sounds are far too quiet in the game -They ALL need to be double the volume.

    Don't start me on missing sounds, like the TCs on Boston Sprinter - which have no braking rub or squeal in the game.

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