Fishing Sim World Big Fish Lure Pack Out Now!

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    Beat your PB with the Big Fish Lure Pack available now for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour!

    Developed by our friends at Lab42, the Big Fish lure pack is a 37-piece equipment pack that is designed to help you single out not just individual species of fish but the biggest fish as well. Containing a brand-new boat with three new wraps, a licensed kayak in 4 colour patterns and a large selection of lures, this pack is perfect for targeting the predator fish found across all venues in-game.

    For the first time in Pro Tour use lures from Cotton Cordell and Norman with the likes of the Pencil Popper and the Deep Little N being included. They line up alongside lures from Smithwick, Arbogast and Nichols Lures.

    The Big Fish lure pack introduces our first licensed kayak – the ‘Big Rig FD’ kayak from Jackson Kayak. The Big Rig FD kayak comes in 4 designs – Battleship, Dorado, Forest Camo and Marsh.

    As well as the kayak we also have a new boat manufacturer with the 2185 from Recon. The 2185 Recon boat comes with wraps from Norman, Arbogast and Cotton Cordell.

    The Big Fish Lure Pack is perfect for hunting massive predator fish such as pike, muskie, walleye, bass and more. So purchase today for just £4.99/$5.99/€5.99!

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    Will this help catch arapaima if not will the tackle box dlc help?
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    When are you going to fix the issues with the fishing rods bending only at the tip, line issue looks like a stick with bending edges! Reel in speed control is slow motion all the time? Game is made to look great but the player control while fishing from a boat is unrealistic and terrible. I can’t believe you haven’t noticed this to fix this after all this time and you keep adding more to the game. Just watch your pole, line and watch the hand turn the reel as your fighting a fish from the boat and you will see how fake and awful this is. Worst control in any fishing game I’ve ever played. Fighting the fish and working the rod is the most important part of a fishing game and you can’t fix this? Would you expect a racing game that had terrible unrealistic driving control to be okay?
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    guys please make this cross platform it makes soo much sense !!!

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