PC Boston Sprinter, Stuck Carriage Doors

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    So far, I have encountered two instances of the carriage doors getting stuck.

    On the first time, when running the "Cold as Ice" scenario through the journey mode, all of the right hand doors apart from one would stop responding. On the TAB key menu, both "Lock" and "Unlock" options were highlighted (usually one is greyed out, I think). As one of the doors (front door on the cab car, if I remember correctly) did open, I was still able to complete the scenario.

    The second time happened later in the journey mode, when driving the ACS-64 from Providence to Boston (Amtrak Northeast Regional #190). When arriving at the Route 128 station, none of the right hand doors responded to either "u" keyboard command, or clicking the "Unlock Right". I had to manually open (and later close) the doors to allow loading/unloading to start progressing and to complete. This situation persisted for the rest of the journey from there on.

    Once I arrived at Boston South Station, the passenger loading/unloading would not start even after manually opening the doors. I even opened a few doors on the opposite side of the train, but it had no effect. Ultimately I had to give up that run as it was not possible to complete it.

    Not sure if I had missed some critical step somewhere, but I usually have had no problems with the doors. Also, it worked fine when departing Providence.

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