Br Class 23 "baby Deltic"

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    It was BR Class 55 Deltic little brother, beacause it used Napier Deltic T9-29 9-cylinder engine of 1,100 bhp.
    Maximum speed - 75 mph (121 km/h).

    The locomotives were put to work on King's Cross outer suburban duties such as the Cambridge Buffet Express as well as services from Kings Cross to Moorgate sub-surface platforms via the 'widened lines' (more recently, part of Thameslink). The locomotives were later banned from Moorgate because of excessive exhaust smoke in the tunnels.

    Other services entrusted to the class were race specials run from King's Cross to race meetings at Newmarket.

    By the late 1960s BR had drawn up a "National Traction Plan", whose aim was to rationalise the number and types of diesel locomotives in traffic (and thus reduce operating costs). The 'Baby Deltics' were an obvious target, being only a ten-strong class, and still beset with operational problems. The locos were withdrawn between 1968 and 1971. The last two locos in traffic on revenue-earning service were D5905 and D5909. Several of the class received full yellow ends whilst still in two-tone green. These were D5900/3/4/8; D5908 also carried the new double-arrow BR symbol. D5909 was the only locomotive to receive the full "rail blue" livery. D5901 was transferred to the departmental fleet of the Railway Technical Centre in 1969. It worked test trains to and from the RTC until 1975, when it was replaced by a Class 24. The loco was cut up in 1977, still carrying two-tone green livery with a grey roof and small yellow warning panel.

    Baby Deltics at Finsbury Park in 1959 - YouTube

    Facts About // The Class 23 'Baby Deltic'! - YouTube

    Baby Deltic Testing - YouTube

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    Strictly my personal opinion, I'm very tired of looking at the terribly overused Class 37. Sure, this is twin axle but.

    Looking at forum regulars, however, it must be the most loved BR class / body ever, and I suppose its different engine could be a reason for different sound experiences. As long as it's an AP offering, that is.

    As for Kings Cross, simonmd has a backdated ECMLS, with quite a few signaling woes, though. A loco like this could be a reason for an official backdate project and mix it up with some of the existing trains, effectively a scenario pack. In such a package, it could be lucrative.
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    Would be great to see some of the more limited number classes, such as this, 21, 71, etc. but likely to be a Labour of love for a third party.
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    I think someone is making the Class 71.
    I'd like a Baby Deltic but I'd prefer a decent Class 55 for the game, the current one doesn't do the beast the justice it deserves.
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