Budd Metroliner Emu Loco Proposal

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    Created as a response to the then new Shinkansen, the Budd Metroliner was a series of high-speed EMUs jointly designed by the Pennsylvania RR and the DOT as part of the High Speed Ground Transportation Act of 1965. The Metroliners were delivered in two car sets with driving cabs at both ends. The sets were designed to operate at 150 mph but were limited to 125 mph due to track conditions on the NEC. The sets started operation in early 1969 under Penn Central on the 'Metroliner' service.
    When Amtrak took over the Penn Central's passenger operations in 1971, they also inherited the Metroliner fleet. In 1977, Amtrak rebuilt some of their Metroliners to improve the sets reliability as it was quite poor. The Metroliners would continue to be used on the NEC by Amtrak until they took delivery of their new AEM-7 locomotives in 1980, which proved to be more reliable and just as fast. In the late 1980's Amtrak converted some of their Metroliners into cab control cars for use in push-pull services like the San Diegan, and the Atlantic City Express. Amtrak still owns some of these converted Metroliners which are now used exclusively on Keystone Service trains.
    The Budd Metroliner would make a great addition to TS2021 because of its unique appearance and purpose. The addon could also come with scenarios for either the NEC: New York to Philadelphia, or the NEC: New York to New Haven, or maybe some other northeast electric route released in the future (maybe Keystone Corridor?)
    Below are the Metroliner variants that should be included in this future addon:
    Amtrak Phase 1 pre-rebuild (dual arm pantograph & flat roof):
    Amtrak Phase 2 post-rebuild (single arm pantograph & roof hump):
    Amtrak Cab Car Phase 3:
    Amtrak Cab Car Phase 5:
    Thanks for reading
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    Been waiting for these for a long time. The fact that they got added into TSW made me want them even more. A Keystone Corridor or modern New Haven to Springfield route would be very nice to use these cab-cars on.
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    It would be cool to have these, especially in a Keystone Corridor route
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    This is so badly needed.
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