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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lsford00, Nov 1, 2021.

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    So I have been playing Dovetails fishing games for a long time now, and in the past you only have to purchase an item one time and it is available to you in every tackle box. But, in Bassmasters 2022 it is making me purchase an item for each tackle box. Is this correct? For example if I buy 20 pound line for one real, I have to buy it again for the second real and so on. This is the same with lures.

    Next question- Do you only get so many lures when you buy them? Like if I buy the Baby D, do I finite supply of them? Or is it unlimited?

    Does anyone know a fast way to earn credits? If what I wrote above is true, tackle boxes are going to get very expensive!
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    Not sure about lines (as I've stuck with the default 7lb test Sunline), but when you buy lures or the hook/weight combos for different rigging types, you get so many per purchase (just like you would in real life when you buy a pack of worms or creature baits).

    For example, you buy a Texas rig hook/weight combo, you get four per purchase, and it will display the total number you have in your inventory on the screen above that particular item (it will say something like 04/04). Then once you equip one of those to a rod, that number will go down (i.e. 03/04, 02/04, and so forth until you run out).

    As for only being able to equip them to one tacklebox, I am not sure of that - I've put all of my rods into a single custom setup, so I've not run into that problem, but AFAIK if you buy a lure, it is available to be equipped to any tacklebox, so long as you still have at least one of the item available in your inventory.

    Yes, it is finite at the start. When you buy them the first time, you'll get a finite amount. If you get one snagged while fishing, you'll lose it; if you equip them all and need more, you'll have to buy more. BUT... with the sponsorship feature in the game, once you get a sponsor up to the 5 star level, you should be able to get your gear from that sponsor for free (because it gives you a 100% discount). So at that point you effectively will be able to equip an infinite amount of that item.***

    ***Note: the developers have stated that the sponsorship feature is bugged at the moment and the discounts are not being applied properly.

    Fish often and catch a lot... since bass bucks in this game are awarded for every fish you catch. Play the career tournaments where the payouts are bigger. And, I'm assuming at some point in the future the online features of the game will be rounded out, where we will have a mode similar to the Dovetail Fishing League online tournaments that featured in the previous FSW games - that was always the best way to earn currency in my experience.

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