Can We Change Things Back?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by thatleedsguy#8590, Aug 30, 2021.

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    Jan 13, 2021
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    The title of this thread should probably be 'can we go back to one part of the old UI/menus'?

    Personally, I don't mind most of the UI changes. I think the pause menu is better than it was before, as it seems to offer more features. Plus, it's harder to accidentally quit out of the session.

    But there's one part of the UI that I just don't get. The timetable menu. The one where you can choose the train you're using and change the weather.

    I'm not sure why DTG changed this. The view of the train was fine before. You could see much more of the loco, for a start. The new angle is more of a downgrade.

    Not only that, you're now stuck inside a train station, with little indication of what the weather is like. Before, you could see the sky, the tracks and whether it was raining/snowing. Now, you can't see any of that. So I don't know what extent the sliders are changing things, so to speak.

    And about those sliders...they're not individually highlighted. You don't know which slider you're moving until it moves. Why is it like that?

    Can't we go back to the old UI, at least for this one thing? There seems to be nothing wrong with the old UI, whereas the new UI is more of a downgrade than anything else.
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  2. Wolfovizer

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    That's not meant to be like that it's a known bug on one console and is on DTG's fix list, it will probably be fixed in the next patch :)
    I do agree with the station, bit weird you cant see the weather :)
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    Maybe going back to the old diorama for viewing the conditions of the weather etc would be a good idea. Apart from the obvious restrictions that the new view has it also looks terrible in itself. It’s one of those ‘What were they thinking?” moments for me. It wouldn’t need to be the exact same diorama but one that uses the good points of the old one, ie being useful for seeing the train livery, lighting and and weather, if they decide they need something different to the old one. I know someone has gone to the trouble of making the new station diorama but their feelings shouldn’t be too hurt by the decision to shelve it for good, as sticking with it is just going to bring more criticism. When a clear error of judgement is observed and can be rectified it should be. The new diorama is a huge backwards step.

    On a side note, just have a look at the new pause screen when you are on foot as a passenger. It’s good for a laugh.
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    Apr 9, 2018
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    Probably someone said that people (not necessarily train people, but "people") prefer iconic stations with diorama engine sheds and loads of architectural features rather than some rural two bit two platform affair out in the middle of nowhere.
    Certainly I know more people will enjoy sightseeing around St Pancras with it's blue painted high arch and delicate iron structure than they would somehere like Teynham... (pics below)

    Unfortunately this setup doesn't show the conditions you'll be driving in so snow, rain, fog or ice are not in existence, so for the purpose of the game it's a bad decision. Unless they split the input so you choose your train on one screen (with complex station in background) and then you went to another screen for the "weather texture", but then that's just another loading process and button press to go through


    St Pancras
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