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    Today, I am suggesting a Career Mode for TSW. This mode would allow you to play like a real operator/conductor.
    Here's how it would work:

    Before Starting
    The player would select from the preset character models that are already in the game, then, you would need to create a name. The name will be what your instructor and other people call you. The player would be greeted with an options screen which would allow you to change some settings. One of them being "Start over upon entering another route". If checked off, the player will undergo the quick tutorial when starting a new route. If checked on, the player will need to go through training again. The player will now be greeted with the Route Selection screen. The player will now pick whether they want to be a Conductor/Guard or Operator (Only available on some routes). The player would be able to choose between them when they reach the 'Elite' level.


    The player will start at a station along the line with their instructor. The instructor will have you observe his/her driving for a station before letting you take over the controls. When you take over the controls, the instructor will teach you about the safety systems and how to safely operate the train. (Basically a normal tutorial, but more in-depth with safety system training as well)
    After that, the player will be graded 1-100. You will need 1,000 total points to progress to the next position.
    The player will now be able to drive the train without a tutorial. The game will auto-select a time and the instructor will still travel with you. After reaching 1,000 points, the player would be promoted from 'Trainee', to 'Skilled Operator'. In this mode, the player's train will have an AI Conductor.

    Skilled Operator
    After being promoted, the player will now be able to choose a time range for their shifts. This would be an 8-hour range, and the game will auto-select a time within that range for the player to drive in. When the player has finished a run, they can either continue their shift to the end or quit and end the shift there. From here, unique scenarios will appear for players to play. These scenarios will give that player a points boost. The player will need 5,000 points to get promoted again. In this mode, the player's train will have an AI Conductor.

    Elite Operator
    The Final promotion level, players will unlock the ability to choose what service they want to drive, weather, the livery designer, and even more unique scenarios. The player would also unlock dynamic route events (you could turn this off in the menu). In this mode, the player can switch between Operator/Conductor.

    The same thing. Conductors wouldn't have an instructor. Conductors will Control the doors, Check tickets (on certain routes), and other things separate from an operator.

    Extra Notes
    The Schedule selector would be similar to something like World Of Subways 4, just with the IRL Timetable.
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    Good ideas. Scoring would be much stricter, for example speeding would actually see points deducted rather than as now where you get a slightly reduced positive score. In the case of a route like NTP you would start on the DMU, or 08 if/when we get it, then earn promotion to the 45, 47 and 40 (again when we get it).
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    Sounds too much like going to work to me. Do we get paid for doing it? :D
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    Excellent suggestion
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