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Colton Yard Ca - Yuma Az Route Suggestion

Discussion in 'Content Suggestions & Proposals' started by Ademi, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Ademi

    Ademi New Member

    Nov 6, 2018
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    The Colton Yard CA to Yuma AZ has been a once a SP trackage route. This route is part of the Sunset Route which is well known for those who live in the area. The route has usual Intermodal and little manifest. The Colton to Yuma has been known for it Union Pacific runs that go through everyday. They also have Amtrak which has stations in Yuma, Palms Springs, and so on. This route has been long gone from the SP era as in there are no Searchlights and SP signs. Most of the route is all upgraded to the new UP technology.

    Not many people railfan this route but there are many great sights that are in this route the I would really like to see in game. The route features a quarry in the Cabazon area of the route as a local train runs in and out of the area. This train goes through the L.A area. This route sees many GEVOS and ACs. There is also a large windmill farm through the so called "Banning Pass" where there are warning signs for the grade. There are also many twists and curves that banked. The route does run along side the Interstate 10 which the route follows throughout the route. There are not many grade crossings in the Yuma AZ to the Cabazon CA. Cabazon CA - San Timoteo Canyon. Through this stretch the rails either crosses the roads in bridges or railroad crossings. This would be great because there are gonna be more opportunities to do a trans continental southern route. Colton would connect the Pacific Surfliner route and the Cajon Pass. This is my first forum post and hope they see this. Thank you for reading this.
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  2. jedi247

    jedi247 Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2018
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    I agree with this one. We could get the SP (or UP) Mojave Sub as well from Mojave to Colton and LA to complete Cajon Pass.
  3. roger_lavender

    roger_lavender New Member

    May 31, 2019
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