Db Br 187 - Train Simulator 2022 & Train Sim World 2 Differences.

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    The DB BR 187 add-on developed by Skyhook Games has recently become available on Train Sim World 2 and we wanted to share what differences you can expect with the Train Simulator version.

    We have used the same base model as the Train Sim World 2 version, however the graphics engine on Train Simulator will mean it looks visually different.

    Noticeable changes from the Train Sim World 2 counterpart:
    • Audio (New audio sourced from RSSLO)
    • Functionality - there are things that are that are different between Train Simulator and Train Sim World 2, particularly in the way the game engine is set up. Such as:
      • Different loco setup
      • No LZB Functionality
      • Handbrake has been simplified
    Train Simulator exclusive functionality:
    • MITRAC Implementation (MITRAC is traction control).
    • Performance and handling characteristics will be different due to no SimuGraph in Train Simulator.
    • No MFD interaction for headlight configuration it has been simplified so it can work with simple controls mode.
    • Quick Drive functionality
    • Steam Workshop Integration
    Why weren’t the audio changes also included in the Train Sim World 2 version?

    The developer is looking at updating the DB BR 187 for Train Sim World 2 add-on, however we need to make it perfectly clear that this might not be possible for Train Sim World 2 with the RSSLO sound pack.

    The audio mixing for Train Simulator and Train Sim World 2 are very different operations. And what works for Train Simulator might not work for Train Sim World 2.

    We are asking for community feedback on these sounds, and if you feel there is a dramatic improvement, please let us know your thoughts.
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