Die 3 Seenbahn: Freiburg - Seebrugg

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    This is my route-proposal for the Dreiseenbahn which runs from the city of Freiburg (Breisgau) to the quaint town of Seebrugg located by the beautiful Schluchsee.
    Along the route which is located in Baden-Württenberg you pass the 3 lakes "Titisee" ; "Wingfällweier" and the largest one of them all "Schluchsee".The first part of the route from Freiburg (Breisgau) to Titisee is named the Höllentalbahn and is the steepest mainline in Germany traversing 440 meters hight with a distance of 11.5 Kilometres.
    Only after the stop at Titisee and the split off the Höllentalbahn does the Dreiseenbahn begin stopping at Stations named:

    - Feldberg-Bärental
    - Altglashütten-Falkau
    - Aha
    - Schluchsee

    before arriving at it`s destination Seebrugg.


    Most of the route is only a single track with passing points located at Feldberg-Bärental and Aha, although only the one in Feldberg-Bärental is regulary used.


    The first section of the route, the Höllentalbahn is home to two lines, both being RBs. One of them takes the 180° curve after Titisee, entering the Dreiseenbahn to Seebrugg while the other continues straight ahead towards Neustadt (Schwarzwald).


    The Services are all run by the DB BR 146 and a combination of 3-4 various different Doppelstockwagen fom the 1st, 3rd and 4th Generation.
    The two most common consist are:

    DB BR 146 - Dosto 1st Gen. - Dosto 1st Gen. - Dosto 3rd Gen. CabCar


    DB BR 146 - Dosto 1st Gen. - Dosto 4th Gen. High entry - Dosto 1st. Gen. - Dosto 3rd Gen. CabCar

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    For Pictures, Videos or more Information you can watch a YouTube Video by clicking here.
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