PC Direction Dependent Aspects In The Hud

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Rudolf, Jan 28, 2021.

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    Dec 9, 2016
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    I think there is a fundamental problem with the HUD. A fair number of elements is not working properly and we get indications that are hard to read:

    - The slope indicator points in the wrong directing
    - Open doors are displayed at the wrong side
    - The accelerometer may be turned upside down
    - When stopping at a station, the signal aspect behind the train is shown
    - Camera 2 and 3 work differently if cab 2 is at the front of the engine.

    All these things have a common cause: lack of clarity of the concepts front, back, forward, backward, left, right.

    In ships we have a similar issue, this is solved by the concepts of Port and starboard, using a clear reference, in this case the bow of the ship.

    For trains, you could use cab 1 as a reference, but it seems less logical. I like to plea to use the reverser setting as the basic means to determine how direction dependent aspects should be displayed in the HUD.

    This is not the whole story, this does not say when the reverser must be set. The driver seat should determine that.

    If the reverser is turned off, I suggest to assume it is set in forward position.

    I think this should really get fixed as soon as possible, or at least for new engines. It may not be fatal for gameplay, but solving this would solve a lot of issues. I really do not want to think about these aspects dring driving.
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  2. LucasLCC

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    I firmly agree that the HUD issue should be fixed as soon as possible. This issue has been in since TSW 2, and it should have been resolved a long time ago...
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    Most of these issues were not present in TSW2020, they are a new thing for TSW 2 and, almost a year after release, they are still there... Unbelievable :(
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