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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Support' started by bloodtheory, Jul 7, 2020.

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    Jul 4, 2020
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    Just switched out out a carp rod to a predator rod on Lake Ebro. The rod vanished and then my game hard crashed to Xbox dashboard. The carp set up was the Sonic gravity XT 13f carpspirit 4d braid 40.5 lbs the number 10 carpspirit Ronnie rig for silt and tutti fruitti 15mm. And the BP 10 reel. The set up I went to was the sonik Vader x telescopic, the SKSC commercial reel, carpspirit 4d braid 40.5lbs baitshack drop shot rig 1/2oz (14g) number 6 and the baitshack grub worm orange 2 inch(5cm)
    Hope this helps

    Edit. I was on the lake in the boat and the rod was in the third slot

    Edit 2. I wasn't able to load back onto the lake with that tackle box equipped ( was a created box) got stuck on the loading screen after selecting my launch point.
    After shutting down the title I was able to load onto the lake with a different tackle box. Once there I switched to the created box that gave me trouble and ,while you could see the set ups on the inventory screen, all of the rods were gone from the boat and I couldn't select or pick them up. I've since deleted the box, then remade it exactly as it was when I encountered the bug. The bug did not fix it's self.
    Next I restarted my game, deleted the created box then remade a box. I used a combo of carp and pred rods but no drop shots. Now I can fish. The issue seems to be with the drop shots.
    This is repost.
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    Hi bloodtheory, the baitshack drop shot rig 1/2oz (14g) number 6 is the item that is causing this problem. We are working on a fix for it now.
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    Jul 11, 2020
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    I have encountered this problem on ps4 aswell

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