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Dsy Light Tug Gritty Pitch Hill For Ps4

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by synthetic.angel, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. synthetic.angel

    synthetic.angel Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2019
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    This is a suggestion for a *completely new* route to be made available, as free DLC, exclusively to PS4/console users. The new route could be called "DSY Light Tug Gritty Pitch Hill". This is NOT a suggestion to bring CSX Heavy Haul to PS4 - that matter has already been discussed, ad nauseum, and is a closed matter.

    The CSX Heavy Haul Sand Patch route is missing for PS4. And it is only fair that PS4 users should be allowed access to the same amount of routes as PC users, on TSW2020. There might be difficulties porting this route to PS4, but surely porting WSR from the 2013 Rail Simulator code was harder? Anyway, despite this, PS4 users should fully accept that there are "vastly complex" reasons why CSX Heavy Haul Sand Patch "sadly" cannot be made to work for PS4 - it's just not humanly possible with current technology, etc. And that is, of course, absolutely fine and understandable.

    So - another approach could be to create an exclusive route for console users, that might, for all practical purposes, seem to look and feel very very similar to CSX Heavy Haul, perhaps even with very very similar rolling stock, running very very similar services and timetable, on a very very similar terrain, but one that it is pitchy and not patchy (say, with slightly darker grass, and grittier roads, etc.). The simulation build might also look very similar to CSX HH at first glance, but, close up, the prim building blocks and applied textures would be placed into the simulation space with accuracy, according to a designed and specified plan, and effectively designed so that it is less resource intensive than CSX Heavy Haul, or, indeed the Tunnel Out of Penn Station on LIRR.

    Importantly, the new route would NOT be known as CSX Heavy Haul. It could be known as DSY Light Tug.

    As a matter of urgency, can DTG please issue this new Gritty Pitch Hill DSY Light Tug route as free DLC to anyone who bought the TSW2018 disc and/or one of the TSW2020 packs, for PS4/console. It's called "Doing The Right Thing".

    Alternatively, can someone explain why PS4/console users deserve less than their PC counterparts?
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