East Coastway & Marshlink Lines (eastbourne - Ashford International)

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    This route runs along the south eastern coast of England between Eastbourne and Asford International, featuring a wide range of possible scenarios and rolling stock, coupled with a great view out to sea on the section of track between Hastings and Eastbourne.
    This route can be divided into 2 parts. Eastborune - Ore, which is electrified, and Ore - Ashford International, which is not currently electrified, but there are plans to electrify this portion of the line in 2022 to allow the Class 395 to run from London St Pancras through to Hastings.
    There is also the Dungeness Branch used for nuclear flask trains, which runs between Appledore and Dungeness via Lydd. (In orange on the map.) Scenarios for the nuclear flask trains would terminate at the sidings near the Chart Leacon Railway Depot (buildings were demolished in 2020.)
    There is also the option to extend this route to Brighton with the portion of the East Coastway route in TSW.

    The rolling stock for this route would be as follows:
    Modern DMUs
    Class 171 (Southern) (Planned to be phased out during 2020s)

    Modern EMUs
    Class 313/2 (Southern Coastway)
    Class 375 (Southeastern White + Southeastern Blue) (Seen at Ashford and Hastings)
    Class 377 (Southern + Unbranded FCC (stationary at Ashford))

    Heritage DMUs
    Class 201 (BR Blue/Grey, BR Green)
    Class 202 (BR Blue/Grey, BR Green)
    Class 203 (BR Blue/Grey, BR Green)
    Class 205 (BR Blue, BR Blue/Grey, BR Green, NSE, Connex)
    Class 206 (BR Blue, BR Blue/Grey, BR Green)
    Class 207 (BR Blue, BR Blue/Grey, BR Green, NSE, Connex)

    Nuclear Flask Trains
    Class 20 (DRS)
    Class 37 (DRS)
    Class 68 (DRS)

    Possible Future Trains
    Class 395 (Southeastern) (Planned to run on line between Ashford International and Hastings if Electrified in 2022)
    Class 802 (Proposed as an alternative option to the Class 395 should the Ashford International - Ore section not be electrified in 2022. Currently unknown which operator would use it.)

    Feel free to discuss.
    P.S. Please could someone let me know how to insert a poll? I'm not seeing any option to add one.

    The overall route length is around 43.8 Miles, with the Dungeness Branch adding another 9.1 Miles.
    This route will also feature 18 stations (not including the nuclear terminal).
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    Should have it extended to Brighton, that way it can be merged with the Brighton main line. I know the section from Brighton to Eastbourne exists in TSW, but would be nice for some TSW routes to appear in TS.
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