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Eastern Main-spessart-bahn

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by seblay1608, Jan 31, 2021.

  1. BR 111

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  2. BR 146.2

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  3. BR 445

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  1. seblay1608

    seblay1608 Well-Known Member

    Jan 11, 2019
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    In the Main-Spessart-Bahn DLC we got the 52 km long route from Aschaffenburg to Gemünden. This DLC is an extention for the Main-Spessart-Bahn.

    MSB fertig.PNG

    The DLC Eastern Main-Spessart-Bahn includes:
    the 38 km long route from Gemünden to Würzburg Hbf
    the 35 km long route from Abzw. Nantenbach (behind Lohr) to Würzburg
    the DB BR 403
    the DB BR 111 with Moduswagen OR the DB BR 146.2 with Doppelstockwagen OR the DB BR 445 Twindexx Vario or/and the DB BR 440 Coradia Continental

    Possible Loco-DLCs are:
    the BR 440 (if not in the route included)
    the BR 111 with Moduswagen (if not in the route included)
    the BR 151 (for the Basic Main-Spessart-Bahn between Laufach and Heigenbrücken)
    any new freight loco

    BR 111:


    BR 440:

    BR 445:
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