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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by smugstarlord#4202, Jul 23, 2021.

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    Jun 24, 2021
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    I know this route is available on PC for train simulator series but I was wondering of the possibility of bringing it across to TSW2.
    It's a long route but long enough for those that want the longer journies and I know there are a fair few of us.
    As its already been made, is porting it across a possibility?
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    Dec 13, 2019
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    Add more details
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    i used to travel this route every week for four years, and would LOVE to see this in tsw2.

    the reality though is york to peterborough is 112 miles, which i imagine is beyond the limits of what could be achieved.

    the longest route on tsw2 i can think of is just over 50 miles (lgv marseille-avignon route) but there maybe longer ones. whether that is the upper limit or longer routes could be achieved is something i imagine only the staff at dtg could answer.

    with the ecml there is some potential options:

    doncaster to peterborough is 80 miles

    york to newark north gate is 68 miles

    doncaster to grantham is 51 miles

    in reality if you took the last of those from doncaster to grantham (with retford and newark north gate inbetween) dtg may conclude it wouldn't appeal to enough people, as it is a rather 'incomplete' route in the sense that it doesn't have any natural termini stations such as london kings cross or york/leeds/newcastle etc.

    most services between doncaster and grantham start/end in london and run to leeds/york/newcastle/edinburgh (with hull trains running london-hull via this route also)

    that being said if this ever did become reality, and assuming it was set in a relatively modern era to include some combination of class 91, class 43 or the new azuma from lner/east coast, this would instantly become my go-to route.

    even though i was born in belarus, i've lived almost all my life in and around this area and would love to see this created in the game, in any combination of the route between peterborough and york (the leeds branch for me isn't as interesting as doncaster to york). and who knows, maybe one day as technology advances the full route of 112 miles may be possible

    in the mean time i would settle for the fife circle or edinburgh-dundee (or some combination thereof), which would include some part of the ecml in the process. if anyone from dtg reads this then please do consider these scottish routes, i think quite a few of people have suggested these before too!

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