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Finally Bought Oakville!

Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by BLRy, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. BLRy

    BLRy Member

    Mar 14, 2020
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    Finally gave in after waiting since before it was released. So far I am enjoying it.

    Only one glitch so far in the second part of the journey where the loco would not move, but the next day it worked fine. I think it was my fault forgetting to set the unit to freight. No further glitches since.

    Today's run was a bit of a shocker arriving to work in the snow. And was a bit harder to operate with the reduced visibility. But what an interesting difference from a normal clear sunny day. Road crossings snuck up on me, but always managed to get on the horn in time. And speaking of road crossings, these are the first I've encountered with lights and bells, though as has been mentioned by others the arms do not come down. I suppose at some point they will rectify this, but I wouldn't call it a deal breaker.

    I also suppose at some point I will run into the same issues that others have experienced with this route, but for now it has been good. And with the enormous amount of services to run, that have been far more interesting than the runs in NEC CSX, this should keep me busy for quite some time as I do not get to play every day.

    Now if I could have a couple wishes for this route --- some add-ons of course, as follows:

    Route Service Addition - VIA Rail passenger trains with appropriate locos
    Route Extension - Western Canada with its great open space prairies and majestic mountains.
    DLC loco 1 - GMDD GMD-1 road switchers for prairie light rail branch line and basic yard service
    DLC loco 2 - EMD SW1200 and 1200RS yard switchers for additional switching operations

    CN has always been my favourite railway since I was a kid so this new route is just perfect for my interest in the game and as a birthday present to myself. Perfect timing DTG! ;-)
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  2. docsnyder1911

    docsnyder1911 Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2019
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    I would like to see a SD 70 or an other heavy diesel and Go Train and/or Amtrak service there too.
  3. Driver8666

    Driver8666 Member

    Nov 1, 2019
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    1. Will not happen. Route is too short for that.
    2. Possibility.
    DLC1: Possibility.
    DLC2: Possibility.

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