German Route Proposal: Bad Schandau - Dresden Hbf

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    I suggested this route because of the high number of freight trains that travel on this route and because the rolling stock already exists or needs small changes:
    - Br 143
    - Br 182
    - Br 155 (optional)
    - Br 185.2
    - Br 146.2
    - DoSto carriages
    - Br 1442 'Talent' (DB Red livery repaint)
    Optional add-ons:
    - Repaint DoSto carriages and Br 146.2 in the IC livery, add the new Cab Car, change interiors
    - Br 193 Vectron or Br 189 'ES 64 F4' in DB Cargo livery
    - Container cars

    The route is set in eastern Germany, between the city of Dresden and the German-Czech border of Bad Schandau.
    Regional trains operate the following routes:
    - Dresden Hbf - Bad Schandau
    - Dresden Hbf - Pirna
    Freight trains would have several locations to stop:
    - Dresden Gbf
    - Dresden Reick Abstellbahnhof, for container trains
    - Pirna
    - Kurort Rathen freight tracks
    - Bad Schandau
    - (additionally) Bad Schandau Ost

    In my opinion the traffic would be interesting because of the double-track line from Bad Schandau to Pirna and then the four-track line to Dresden. After Pirna, the freight trains would have green signals in sequence, because the slower stopping services would go out of the way on the two tracks with the platforms, while the freight trains would proceed on the main line, without having to stop or go slow after the regional trains.
    I would like to see this route in Train Sim World because the traffic is very interesting and many of the trains already exist, so it would be a little easier to work on it.
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