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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by rwaday, Jun 29, 2021.

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    My i7 7700k, 32gb ram, GTX1070 PC doesn't qualify for the update. Thing is, it meets my needs. I suspect it will for years to come, Win11 update excepted. Its only component I see as somewhat dated is the GTX1070, and with high-end GPU prices ludicrously high, no way can I upgrade that component any time soon. But of course it's the CPU MS says is at fault. Neither CPU nor motherboard have TPM 2.0 onboard. But the motherboard has a TPM 2.0 module socket. No search of mine has found appropriate TPM 2.0 modules to fill that socket for sell. In any case, MS seems to have drawn a hard line in the sand, TPM or no TPM. Thankfully, Win10 will continue to be supported until sometime 2025. Who knows? By then I might well be ready to assemble another PC. Or MS might bow to pressure and relax its Win11 requirements?

    ADDENDUM: Turns out I 'do' have TPM2.0. Can't find a motherboard setting for it, other than one stating I don't have a discrete TPM2.0 module plugged into the board's TPM socket. However, Windows itself tells me it's enable. It therefore has to be firmware TPM. Be that as it may, MS still insists Intel 7000-series CPUs don't qualify for Win11 update.
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