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    As if often the case with me, I've sat in front of the PC monitor goodness knows how long, not knowing how or where to start this intro. I suppose I might mention that I'm an old geezer, entering my 7th decade this January (2021). I've held an interest in railroading since childhood, but never actively pursued it as a hobby beyond the Lionel O gauge train set my parents bought me very early on. Since then, I've been an off-again, on-again armchair model railroader. I admitted to myself years ago that I'll never pursue that pastime actively, not having funds for the sort of layout that would satisfy me.

    Up until maybe four years ago, my one foray into computerized train simulation was a brief tryout of the original MS Train Simulator. It was too much for my then computer. Even on low graphics settings it ran poorly. Too much so to be useable, let alone enjoyable.

    Fast-forward to circa 2018. I bought the train-centric economics / empire game Mashinky (is it kosher to list non Train Simulator / Dovetail products here?) and had a blast. I then bought into, and greatly enjoyed, what is likely the best knows train-centric economy game franchise, though I soon found my interest lay fully with adding scenic details to my map rather than the economic side of the game.

    Playing the above, I always regretted not being able to actually drive trains along the routes I made. This finally led me to explore the world of PC train simulation afresh, testing several competitive products before setting on TS2021 as my primary PC railway / train simulator not a year ago.

    As a driver, I'm novice level. I have not yet dabbled in route / scenery building, though I have learned how to create Quick Drive consists and swap out locos / railway cars in pre-existing scenarios. I suppose I'll mention that, these days, my interest rests solely with steam-era railroading (and steam-era equipment running in modern times). I post occasional low-tech videos (text rather than oral narration) on YouTube, documenting my feeble attempts at getting from point A to point B with not too much egg on my face.

    At any rate, here I am.
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    Welcome! Although I'm fairly new to these forums, I've been a long-time trainsimmer but still find there is more to learn from people on here. You will find lots of help in your new venture. If you don't know, just ask!
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    Welcome! I've has TS for some time now but only recently joined the forums myself and have been becoming addicted to TS this past couple of months over and above my flight simming. I'm mainly a diesel guy (love the massive freight trains even in the UK, but they cannot compete with the USA), but I do have an inkling for steam now especially the bigger locos - standard 9f and of course the big US locos with the Cab Forward (Southern Pacific) being a current favourite. I have to say howver that the N&W J class is the most beautiful steam locomotive ever IMHO! :cool:
    Love the username :D I'm the wrong side of 50, but in my head I'm still the same stupid 12 year old boy ;)
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