[hamburg-lübeck] Travemünde Extension!

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  2. Yes, but only if it's half the price of a normal route DLC

  3. Maybe, if DTG is able to merge route at all

  4. No, thanks. Not for me.

  1. BjornGroen02NL

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    Jan 24, 2019
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    Hi everyone,

    I had a good discussion with a forum member this day which had me thinking. We came to the point where we realised that the upcoming Hamburg-Lübeck route wouldn't be so special. Basically A to B services from Hamburg Hbf with only a few stops to Lübeck Hbf. We came to the conlusion that a branchline from Lübeck Hbf to Travemünde would make the route a lot more valuable. Now let's give you some practical data first:

    The Route
    The route from Lübeck Hbf to the terminus at Lübeck-Travemünde Strand is 20,6 km, which almost guaranteed won't make it into this DLC for free. I have heard that DTG had some ideas with merging routes together (RSN and RRO for example, the merge could happen at Hagen Hbf) however they haven't experimented with it. That is why I am suggesting this as an Extension DLC.

    I have created a little map which includes all the main points of interest on this route:

    (Source: https://www.openrailwaymap.org/)
    The numbers on the rails represent speed limits in km/h.
    The red "X" means that route isn't important.
    The red dot means it's a station.

    As we can see, there are 5 stations on this branchline after deprating from Lübeck Hbf. These are, in order of travel:
    • Lübeck-Dänischburg IKEA (I'm not kidding, this railway station is next to the IKEA)
    • Lübeck-Kücknitz
    • Lübeck-Travemünde Skandinavienkai
    • Lübeck-Travemünde Hafen
    • Lübeck-Travemünde Strand
    Also included is the Ferry harbour, with freight opportunities. It is a very important ferry as it has quite a few ferry routes to all sorts of destinations in Scandinavia:
    Container trains could be substituted from the Rhein-Ruhr Osten DLC, this way freight trains can use this branch.

    Passenger Services
    As of 2020, these are the services that travel on this route:
    (Source: Wikipedia)

    The RE 8 will only stop at a few stations on this branchline. It is operated by the DB BR 112 with Doppelstockwagens in push-pull configurations. These are already provided by the main route Hamburg - Lübeck DLC. With this extention, you can do the full-length train journey these trains do in real life, all the way from Hamburg via Lübeck to the beach at Travemünde.

    The RB 86 will stop at all stations from Lübeck to Lübeck-Travemünde Strand. It was previously operated by the DB BR 628:

    From around 2015 onwards, these were replaced with the DB BR 648:

    From 2022 onwards, both the RE 8 and RB 80, will use the new KISS 160 EMU's. So if DTG would wait 2 years, they could implement these trains and call the add-on realistic :D

    3D view
    I have found a 3D image of someone on Google Maps. The camera is attached to a drone, which shows the entire area I'm proposing in great detail. Anyone who is interested in this will love this view from above :o

    I hoped you like reading though this. I had lots of fun reading though all the information people put onto the Web about this routes, and creating a proposal for TSW2 out of it.
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  2. FD1003

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    May 10, 2019
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    It would be awesome, also can the 363 do some shunting near the ferry or is a particular shunter used (if used at all)?
  3. Snek

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    Feb 13, 2020
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    Originally I was suggesting just building the original route to the Skandinavienkai ferry port, without the passenger branch to Travemünde but from my experience that is quite unlikely to happen.
    I looked at the Travemünde branch and i must say, this extension is an even better idea. Interesting freight operations from the port and a lovely quiet passenger route with old stations. This would completely change the entire route imo and I'd love to see something like this as otherwise I will skip on buying Hamburg - Lübeck
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  4. BluePasta#4721

    BluePasta#4721 New Member

    Jan 13, 2021
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    363 could work as shunter near Hamburg. I remember it was there in TS
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  5. driverwoods#1787

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    Feb 21, 2021
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    They can also add in Main Spessart Bahn DB BR204 East German Deutsche Reichsbahn BR100 switcher to work alongside DB BR363 RSO & RSN HRR Switcher locomotive alongside the Vossloh G6 switcher for this DLC route.

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