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    The Hamburg-Altona – Kiel railway line is the oldest railway line in Schleswig-Holstein. today it connects Hamburg, Elmshorn, Neumünster and Kiel with one another. The zero point of the kilometer reading is at the original terminus, the reception building of which is now the town hall of the Altona district. Today's The route begins at the Hamburg-Altona terminus. The route of the Hamburg S-Bahn runs parallel to this the lines S 3 and (from Diebsteich) S 21.

    Pinneberg is the first stop on the long-distance railway line. There is a possibility to change to the S-Bahn. In Elmshorn branch off the march railway to the North Sea coast and the railway line to Henstedt-Ulzburg. Further north, in Neumünster, there are transfer options to Flensburg, direction Heide - Büsum, Direction Bad Segeberg and Bad Oldesloe and to the AKN direction Kaltenkirchen - Hamburg-Eidelstedt. Goods- and express trains in Scandinavian traffic do not go via Kiel, but use them continuously electrified line from Neumünster to the Danish border near Flensburg. No long-distance stop is that Bordesholm train station. From Kiel you can take the regional routes to Lübeck, Flensburg and Husum or use it to Kiel-Oppendorf.

    There are also trains from Hamburg HBF via the connecting train (Hamburg-Dammtor) to Flensburg / Kiel circulate. This is a small section with about 6-7 kilometers more. An important part around Coupling Hamburg-Hanover. In total, the main line Hamburg HBF / Altona has a route length of about 110 kilometers. The maximum permitted speed is 160 km / h. For the hamburgers S-Bahn is the maximum speed allowed would be 100 km / h. So it would be a little more Section of the S3 line (Hamburg) to connect to the S1 add-on.


    The line was built from 1842 by the Altona-Kieler Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (AKE). The 108-kilometer route was opened on September 18, 1844, the birthday of the Danish King Christian VIII. The AKE was initially responsible for operations until it was taken over by the Prussian state or the Prussian State Railways on January 1, 1887. Following further successive takeovers by the Deutsche Reichsbahn and the Deutsche Bundesbahn, today's line is owned by DB Netz AG.

    From July 3, 1944, according to the timetable, there were 7-10 connections a day between Kiel-Hamburg and 8-10 Hamburg-Kiel with travel times between 1 hour 50 minutes (stop only in Elmshorn, Wrist, Neumünster) and 2 hours 48 minutes (16 stops on the way).

    On September 24, 1995, the electrification of the 109-kilometer line went into operation. Before that, the journey took 100 minutes and a change was necessary. It was now possible to get from Hamburg to Kiel in 76 minutes without changing trains. The Hamburg-Altona station was replaced by the Hamburg main station as the starting station for all passenger trains that regularly run to Kiel. [6] For the first time, Kiel was served by ICE trains with two pairs of trains a day, with a travel time of 61 minutes.

    Since the timetable change on December 9, 2012, trains with a maximum length of 835 meters can run on the route at all operating points between Maschen and Padborg after prior consultation; previously only 740 meter long trains were allowed.

    current operation:

    Along the entire length of the route or from Hamburg to Neumünster, freight traffic and the
    ICE / IC / EC long-distance transport Regional trains from various railway companies, including the
    Deutsche Bahn AG and the regional railway Schleswig-Holstein. There are also trains of the Danske Statsbaner from Aarhus and København via Neumünster to Hamburg Central Station.

    The trains used on the route meet the usual standards of the railway companies. From the
    December 14, 2008, the proportion of regional express trains with double-decker coaches (so-called
    "Dostos") increased. Today all RE trains run with double-decker cars. ICE / EC and IC trains stop between
    Hamburg and Denmark or Kiel mostly also in Neumünster.

    On April 4, 2009, DB Regio took over the Kiel – Neumünster regional traffic again from the Nord-Ostsee-Bahn (NOB), in exchange for the passenger traffic in the section Kiel – Eckernförde, where the DB Regio with BR 648 railcar running again. The aim was to rationalize vehicle circulation. The Kiel / Neumünster regional train, which was run as the RB 77, was powered by an electric locomotive from Class 112 or 143 and a five-part SHE set, consisting of an intermediate car, 1st class, three intermediate cars, 2nd class and one control car.

    The RB 71 line has been operating on the Wrist – Hamburg-Altona route since December 2014. It is operated by the Nordbahn railway company is served by electric Flirt multiple units every hour. The station
    Wrist received an additional turning track for this.

    Since the timetable change in December 2017, Regional Express services on the RE7 and RE70
    the locomotive hauled trains successively by four-part double-decker electric multiple units of the 445 series replaced. The previous regional train line 77 was integrated into the wing concept of line RE7, which now operates between Hamburg and Neumünster with one train part each to Flensburg and Kiel.
    In Neumünster, the train is divided, for which the station has a special signaling system with a passenger system has been upgraded. With the wing concept, there are new half-hourly during the day together with the RE70 Direct connections between Hamburg and Kiel.

    In long-distance traffic between Hamburg and Kiel ICE trains of the first and fourth generation, as well as IC and EC with electric locomotives of the series 101 of the DB or 193 of the CD and eight to eleven cars. Between Hamburg and Flensburg will operate five (seven in the summer) Danish IC3 in each direction in 2020 Trains on the route Hamburg - Fredericia - Aarhus and København. Hold due to route conflicts
    the trains from / to Aarhus not in Neumünster and Schleswig, but alternatively in Hamburg-Dammtor and
    Rendsburg and the trains to / from København do not run between Flensburg and Hamburg Central Station, with the exception of the nocturnal pair of trains that only run in summer and that also stop in Neumünster and Kiel.

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