Has Anyone Here Watched Network Rail/railtrack Spad Risk Films

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    Searched on Youtube for SPAD Risk films and the first result that Came up was SPAD Risk 1 which has an SWT Class 170 and a Class 92 Channel Tunnel Freight Locomotive at Dollands Moor Yard.
    These are followed by SPAD Risk 2 Class 465 approaching London Cannon Street

    Spad Risk 3 Class 442 SWT Class 377 Southern Railway Class 66 EWS

    4th video is a Training Film SPAD don't let it happen to you

    The last video is a Network Rail SPAD Misunderstanding

    Has anyone else seen these videos because of these SPAD Risk video training films since the scenarios described in these training films can happen in the game? If so then they can apply to SEHS GWML BML and Eastcoast Way.
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