Hayes Line (chx/cst - Hys)

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    Route: CHX/CST - HYS either skipping New Cross, St Johns and Lewisham or calling at all stops
    Service Pattern: Services commence at either Charing Cross (CHX) via Waterloo East (WAE), or Cannon Street (CST). All services stop at London Bridge. Trains from CHX go non stop to Ladywell via the Courthill Loop North Junction (bypassing Lewisham altogether). Trains from CST call at New Cross, St Johns and Lewisham before heading towards Hayes via Ladywell. From Ladywell, trains call at all intermediate stops until Hayes (HYS) where they terminate. The standard off-peak service is 2tph between CHX and HYS (skipping all stations New Cross - Lewisham) and 2tph between CST and HYS calling at all stations via Lewisham. In addition there is 1tpd between CHX and Beckenham Junction.
    Scenery: The line is carried over a brick viaduct immediately after coming out of London Bridge with brilliant views of the London skyline. There are many parks and green areas around the Ladywell/Lewisham area as well. Also, there are the historic original station buildings at Cannon Street and Charing Cross mixed with modern architecture as well.
    Locos: Class 465 "Networker"
    Class 466 "Networker"
    Class 376 "Electrostar"
    Class 707 "Desiro City"
    Operating Speed: 60mph (97km/h) max
    Electrification: DC Third-rail (750v)
    Track Gauge: Standard (4ft 8½in)
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