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Headlights, Tail Lights And Warning Sounds.

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by Rob39, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Rob39

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    Oct 14, 2018
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    To start off Im certainly not bashing the game as I really enjoy it. Theres definately some serious hard work and attention to detail here. Some things Ive noticed on the GWE route. The headlamps and tail lamps dont shine as they would in reality. If waiting for a train at the station on a sunny day, foggy day or at night. The 1st thing that happens when a train is on the horizon is a light appears, glinting at the end of the track, then only when the train comes to within close proximity can you ever tell exactly what it is approaching unless it gives its identity away with a distant warning sound. In TSW this isnt the case. The lights dont glint or beam, even in pitch dark. Ie. I drove a freight service to Acton mainline, wandered up to the station to get on a stopper (hopefully. Could have been there a while) to Paddington as a HST stormed through 100mph plus, I heard it coming just fine, saw the mk3 interior lights fly by but barely any headlamp and a slight glimpse of matt red taillight as it passed from about 5m, Looked up the track saw the dark figure of a train dissappear and nothing else. So it got my attention. Then I started noticing the same thing on the 66 and 166. I hestitated in bringing this up as Im aware some compromises have to be made when making a simulator, but after seeing that the various signals shine brightly for the for full draw distance then maybe the train lamps are indeed an oversight. It may even help the load distance effect eith relation to the transition between no train in the distance, and all of a sudden, a train bearing down if it were disguised by the light glare as it loaded/appeared.
    Also if within capability. How about the AI sounding warning horn occasionally when approaching the non stop stations for example the above mentioned scenario where I get off a freight train at Acton. Would add atmosphere to get a loud warning from incoming HST combined with the lights coming, then the familiar MTU rumble followed by the train itself. One more thing Ive noticed is that whilst loud and clear in the cabs, the warning sounds can barely be heard out of the cab and not at all when away from the power car. So maybe the AI are programmed to use warning horns and I just cant hear them, being away from that particular cab?
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