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Hello From Cityrail-rulez

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by cityrail-rulez, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. cityrail-rulez

    cityrail-rulez New Member

    Jul 4, 2019
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    Hello from cityrail-rulez!

    I am new here! Nice to meet you all :) I used to make 3d models for use in Microsoft Train Simulator but since Windows 10 is unable to get MSTS to work I've gotten into DTG Train Simulator 2019 after buying DTG Train Sim World on my Xbox One which I really enjoyed playing until I uninstalled the game as I needed the space on my Xbox One for other Xbox games so I finally brought TS2019 for use on my pc :)

    So far I've brought 2 Japanese routes from Steam and I really love them! Compared to MSTS Japanese routes - But I still won't knock MSTS! I miss the game quite a lot!

    Anyway, I am here to get some help and advice on importing models into TS2019 and create a route "So far I've practice route building in TS2019 seems easy enough! Which I am quite surprised better than MSTS I will be honest, I've tried and failed route building in MSTS for year's now but I can see that TS2019 route building is simple just gotta know how to do it and of course it does take some practice like with everything else :)

    My dream is to see Australian add ons for 2019, so I am hoping to get started as soon as possible! I already have my MSTS models ready to be imported into TS2019 just confused where to start such as part naming, does the parts need to be parented and the confusion regarding the blueprint editor and I want to know if cabs can be 2d or are they meant to be 3d? Anyhow I will ask these later on in the forums :)

    Thanks for reading :)
    Regards, Phil "cityrail-rulez"

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