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Ideas For Alternative Ps4 Controller Layouts (german Trains)

Discussion in 'Creation Centre' started by Scarface, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Scarface

    Scarface Active Member

    Jul 18, 2018
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    Locomotive (for console)

    L2: Increase Throttle/Leistung erhöhen
    L1: Decrease Throttle/ Leistung verringern
    R2: Increase Brakes/Bremse anlegen
    R1: Decrease Brakes/Bremse lösen
    Left Stick Up: Increase AFB/Tempomat
    Left Stick Down: Decrease AFB/Tempomat
    X: Interact/ Interagieren
    Square Button: Alerter/SIFA
    Triangle Button: Sit
    Circle Button: PZB wachsam
    L3: Horn (High)
    D pad left: Select Doors Left
    D pad up: PZB/Befehl
    D pad right: Select Doors Right
    D pad down: PZB/lösen

    *hold D Pad Down + X: Switch Lights
    *hold D Pad Down + Square Button: Switch Brakes/Bremsart wechseln
    *hold D Pad Down + Triangle Button: Toggle Wipers
    *hold D Pad Down + Circle Button: Emergency Brake/Notbremse
    *hold D Pad Down + Right Stick Up: Sand On
    *hold D Pad Down + Right Stick Down: Sand Off
    *hold D Pad Down + R3: Horn (Low)
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  2. Rail Master

    Rail Master Active Member

    Mar 1, 2019
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    Can DTG let us customize our preferred controls? Maybe in a future upgrade, is not it TrainSim-Dmitri ?

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