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Inconsistent Details, Help Needed - New Angler.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vergadain, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. vergadain

    vergadain New Member

    Jan 12, 2020
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    I've just bought this game and a few of the addons and thoroughly enjoying it however, not being an angler and not living in the northern hemisphere, I struggle with understanding what setup to use where and what setup suits what species of fish, except for the very basics which I gained from the tutorial and limited knowledge of bluewater/esteurine fishing from around 20 years ago in mainly Western Australia.
    I thought I knew what bream was and how to catch it. https://www.halcotackle.com/fish-species/australian-bream/. https://blog.campermate.com.au/advice/fishing/bream-fishing-guide/
    It turns out it's local names don't mean a lot. The bream featured is closer to carp.

    Anyway - the most difficult thing for me is understanding the limits, pros and cons of most of the equipment featured and even translating to in game mechanics.

    I struggle with controlling of fish and netting them and size or species doesn't seem to make much difference.

    Rods, I pretty much get, they differ in length, action and purpose but when there's a plethora of 7 footish predator rods with fast action I don't know how to choose , I'm baffled. When is a baitcaster predator rig used instead of a spinner predator etc? I also don't understand why I can't use a carp rod with a predator rig and vice versa. I seem to struggle to cast out further than around 35m with most of these rods. Not sure if that's due to size and weight of bait, reel choice, line choice or characteristics of rod. I appreciate that longer rods tend to cast further and have a slower action.

    Reels, how do I know the spool size and line limitations? What else do reels impact apart from what rods they can be put on and their retrieval rate? The descriptions often report smooth adjustment of drag or smooth cast action but this just seems like marketing. I can't tell larger reels from the smaller ones nor the limits of the drag settings but I don't know how to tell what my reel's limits are in game. Is there any in game reason to use reels with low gear ratios or do I just go for the highest retrieve rate reels? The starter spinning reel has one of the higher gear ratios of 5.3:1 but no idea what size spool so I don't know if it's better than the far more pricier reels.. No matter what reel I choose, I never seem to be able to overcome the slack forced by a power stroke of the rod action very quickly on setting 5. Yet when no fish is on the line it seems that the line is retrieved very promptly on setting 2 and 3. The reels all seem to have various gears and bearings but I don't think wear and tear is a mechanic. As far as I can tell, winching won't destroy the reel. Never theless, when I have a fish hooked, retrieve rate always seems slow, on setting 5 even when there's slack.

    In game when setting the drag settings, what does the number mean, it always seems to default to 25. .I don't know what this number represents.

    Lines - lots of colours, braided, mono, poly filament and breaking strain. I understand breaking strain and how that relates to drag but monofilament, braided and colour, i'm unsure how this impacts the game play, if at all. Are there leaders and traces to consider?

    Floats - all seem to be stick,, and pre-adjusted rigs no idea what the practical difference between the floats in shop is, which ones are designed for what sized or type of fish and what depth the baits float at?. Not sure if the rigs can be adjusted? What kind of fish are these intended for?

    Lures and baits. How do I know what size fish or what fish species a lure or bait is intended for or what line is ideal for smooth proper movement.? Rarely is there good information, and description seems to be marketing. There's no real good information to assist beginners, sure a couple list 3/0 and 5/0 or state bass find irresistible or sometimes with frogs, they suggest using close to where predators might naturally find frogs and ideal for shallow waters(but shallow is not defined well, it's just a relative term). I understand the the concept of presentation, sinker, top water and dive. I don't understand what type attracts what fish. There's also weight and size differences. I'm working on the premise that heavier lures are intended to sink to depth faster and larger baits are intended for larger fish, whether this is accurate or not, I do not know. Which lures and baits are suitable for trolling, which are better suited for spinning and which for bait casting? I don't know. The range and type of fish which can be caught on lure, I also don't know. It's mainly such and see but having the TP to experiment is another thing.

    Hooks, I understand hook sizes and how they relate to fish size but what baits match what hook size i'm not too sure about. I don't understand what fish I can and can't catch using hooks and when to use surface or bottom baits. It seems that i catch fish of similar size with a number 10 as i do with a number 6.
    This fishing mode is extraordinarily lazy. I often fail to get 3 rods in the water before the first one is screaming.
    No issue catching, carp, crappie, bream, koi, rudd, tench and perch using sinking bait hooks on Carp rods.

    Fish - what do the colour codes mean, blue, yellow, orange, red, green etc.... I get the red ones seem to be bass and the green ones seem to be Carp.. What fish are caught at what depths? Is there a fish species guide which identifies typical behaviours.

    Weather and time of day- how does this relate to technique and species? I understand that it does but I just don't know how.

    Fish finder on boat - different size fish at different depths - some are bigger and deeper than others but not sure how to determine how big or how deep(except for surface) or what species. Is this just knowledge and experience which comes with time?

    When I have a fish hooked, I hear regular audible beeps, one of the beeps relates to breaking strain of line identified by a lots of red and an exclamation, but i'm not sure what the other audible beeps indicate periodically while there is middle tension on the line. . I'm talking fishing with a single rig in the water and fish hooked.

    There's a lot that I don't know in relation to the game and i'd like to so hoping some of you might be able to suggest some resources for appreciating the mechanics of the game and how I can better understanding equipment/fishing equipment pros/cons.
  2. wolfie916

    wolfie916 Member

    Aug 16, 2019
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    If you ask about one specific problem instead of a lot on one post you may get more help from the guys and girls who play regularly, and will give advice of their own experiences. Hope this helps
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