Is There A Complete List Of Routes That Have Been Updated?

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by GrigoriRasputin, Jul 24, 2021.

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    Hello good people!

    As the title says, does anyone know of a list that has all routes that have gotten the attention of Adam and his crew, maybe even mentions of what has been updated, maybe even future updates that have been mentioned. I know that these updates have been mentioned in different Roadmap updates, but usually when something gets released it also isn't mentioned anymore, so I'm not quite sure what has been updated thus far.
    I know they updated Great Western Express, updated the sounds and such, but class 166 doesn't have a working destination screen and the PIS aren't working yet either.
    I'm sorry if this has already been adressed somewhere, but considering how much work and effort goes into updating these older routes to keep them enjoyable, I'm a bit surprised they're not showing it off somewhere.
    Maybe TSW wiki isn't the right place to look, although it has lots of other good information, so yeah.

    Thanks to anyone who knows something and wants to share :D

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