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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Jamin8271, May 11, 2018.

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    Just want to start off and say that this is a fantastic game, and I do enjoy it but there is some things wrong with it, that if adjusted would make the game even better! 1. Start off with service mode, best part of the game, say you start with the 2R71 London Paddington to Reading 18:58 service, the game puts you straight in at 18:58 you have no time to set up the train to get everything ready to go, I would prefer more time like 5 minutes to get your self setup and ready 2. Cab lightning seems not to affect the inside of the cab more on the outside in all trains. 3. In the class 166 cab there is on the secondmans side a smaller window with what is on the top the train destination sign but this does not work it would be good if it actually stated where you was going for the realistic affect. 4. In the class 166, sitting in the drivers seat there is a phone, next to that phone is a button that says destination next and below that destination previous however pressing them does nothing in the game, it would be a good add on in the game to have train announcements to say what the next stop is. 5. Class 166 cab doors!! Driving at 80 mph dropped my crontroller on impact it pressed Y to get out the seat then walked off and out a locked door and saw my train just fly away! Made me laugh to be fair but still had to find a way back! 6. Empty stock trains with passengers! Now I fully understand that a move from PC to Xbox has a lot of difficulties but this is just what I have noticed that would make it better. No realtion to issues I do hope there is more plans to bring additional trains like the pacer, virgin rail class 390 and class 221, xcountry trians more staions like kings cross, subway stations, things that would make it better. Make a time speed bit, when waiting for a service to start at night you could be waiting 45 mins or so for it to start, maybe in Reading and London Paddington have an office in them stations to speed up time. What I want to finish off with is that this is a really good game, I am not looking for these fixes or better trains ect. to happen in the next day or week or so, I do get that things take time to adjust but for the future this would be epic! Thanks

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