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Jæren Line: Stavanger - Egersund

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by thearkerportian, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. thearkerportian

    thearkerportian Well-Known Member

    May 31, 2019
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    time for a more exotic route suggestion again. This time: Skyrim... I mean, Scandinavia. A part of the world popular among tourists in general, and indeed among railway enthusiasts as well, which made me think that worries about a route from here not selling too well might be less justified than in, say, Ireland or Italy. Not that I'd mind these either. But well, back to topic.

    Armchair location-scouting a line that's within TSW's length frame, while at the same time offering interesting driving, typical Nordic sceneries, I found this: The Jærbanen, itself being the northermost segment of the Sørlandet Line (Sørlandsbanen), that connects the capital Oslo with Stavanger in the Southwest of the country.

    Originating at Stavanger Terminal, the first few miles of the route - completely rebuilt around 2005 - run through the city of Stavanger alongside the Gandssjord, until Sandnes is reached. Here, the rebuilt and double-tracked part ends, and the line continues single-tracked through a few more suburbs of Greater Stavanger, but soon grasslands, agriculture and small town stations take over, interrupted only by the next bigger city, Bryne. After a few more small towns surrounded by fields, meadow and erratics strewn all over the place, at Brusand we make eyesight with the sea again, this time in the form of the North Sea off the Norwegian west coast. Albeit not for long.
    Just a few miles later, the scenery changes drastically yet again. This time it's mountains that take over, or rather the bare, ragged rocks and cliffs that the last ice age left of them. Great spot for shooting medieval fantasy and viking movies no doubt, but for the railway this means, it has to find its way through this mess somehow. All the lakes and inlets and estuaries here don't make it any simpler as well. The last part of the route to Egersund therefore is rich in tunnels and bridges. A few small towns such as Sirevag and Hellvik (now THAT's a stereotypical name, isn't? It's epic as fridge too, tho...) were silly enough to choose this area as their location, and those got a station too when the railway was built. The souther end of the proposed route, Egersund lies in this desolation as well, albeit at least a little neater on the banks of yet another assortment of lakes and fjords.

    Location: Norway
    Era: Modern
    Length overall: 46 mi/74 km
    max speed: 80 mph/130 km/h
    # of passenger stations: 20
    Service types: Commuter, Regional, InterCity, Cargo
    # of tracks: 1-2
    Electrified: OHLE

    Lines included at least partially:
    Oslo-Stavanger (InterCity)
    Kristiansand-Stavanger (InterCity)

    Suitable vehicles (among others):
    NSB Class 72 (commuter/regional)
    NSB Class 73 (Intercity)
    NSB Class El18 (InterCity, Cargo)
    Any CargoNet engine

    Stavanger-Egersund Map.PNG

    Key Locations
    Stavanger Sentral




    Further Impressions



    Sandnes Sentrum





    Unknown, probably Varhaug-ish.

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  2. elatn

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    Dec 13, 2018
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    Great idea! Would be awesome to see Norway and the ocean in TSW.

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