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Jigs, Show Cover On Depth Finder, 'falling' Lure Retrieve, Etc.

Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by dmoreno78, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. dmoreno78

    dmoreno78 New Member

    Oct 7, 2018
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    - Show underwater cover on the fish finder (weeds, rocks, and trees)
    The fish finder needs to show static (not random) underwater cover (weeds, rocks, and trees). This underwater cover can help players discover unique spots where you don't see visible cover (otherwise, you have wide open boring lakes - a waste).​

    - Improve the bass behavior and placement
    For water temperature under 55 degrees F, big bass over 5 lb. should not be very active. They should be suspended near underwater cover (rocks, trees, weeds) or near the bottom in deeper 15+ feet of water. They should only strike at slow-moving crankbaits, plastic worms, and other falling lures.​

    For water temperature 55 degrees F and warmer, big bass over 5 lb. should be more active in the morning and evening, and situated near any cover (above and below water) in the shallower waters below 15 feet. During the afternoon, big bass over 5 lb. should be in deeper 15+ feet of water and should strike at sinking lures (plastic worms, crankbaits, etc.).​

    - Add fish bites
    Right now, fish strikes are absolute. Bites (false strikes) should be added for soft lures (plastic worms/etc.) and bait (carp bait, worms, etc.). Fish should 'nibble' at bait or make lighter hits at plastic lures, and trying to set the hook would be premature. This will offer better realism for finesse fishing and float fishing. ​

    - Improved hook setting for soft baits and topwater lures
    Most of the time, a quick hook set is good. But sometimes you have to let the fish 'inhale' the bait a bit before setting the hook with soft baits and topwater lures where the fish grab the lure but don't yet have it fully in their mouths. A poor strike should occur if setting the hook too quickly with plastic or topwater lures. (A good delay would be 2 seconds.)​

    - Make a retrieval type of 'falling' for lures on the fall
    Lures on the fall should have a green retrieval type of 'Falling' which is attractive to all fish. This will allow proper use of plastic worms and other sinking lures (rattletraps, spinnerbaits, etc.).​

    - Proper rod bend physics (increased bend more from the middle)
    The rod needs to bend more from the middle based on the size of the fish. Larger fish over 5 lb. should create more bend there, and those monster 15+ lb. fish should have it really bent. The lack of variance in rod bending is killing the immersion of the fish fighting.​

    - Lure snags
    Lures should be able to get snagged onto trees, grass, underwater obstacles, etc. There should be about a 30% chance of getting snagged when reeling a lure near weeds, lilly pads, trees, etc. No need to lose the lure - simply force the player to swing the rod a bit for about 5 seconds to work the snag loose. This will cost time which is precious in tournaments. This will increase the challenge in a positive, realistic way.​

    - More stable line tension
    The line tension should not swing wildly up and down so quickly. Once the drag is properly set, the player should be able to focus on proper rod position and working the fish (fish takes line, wears out a bit, and then player reels it back, until the fish is worn out - simple).​

    - Offer incentive to use different rods
    What do the other rods in the game offer? They are offered in different sizes and types, but for what lures or situations are each good for? Right now, there doesn't seem to be any incentive to buy other rods. The game should indicate what type of line and lures work best with each rod, and fish fighting should be made easier or harder accordingly.​

    - Live bait fishing
    Live bait fishing for panfish/bass (with float); bottom fishing (no float) for catfish/carp. This should be for all venues. This would really give the game appeal to those who prefer this type of fishing, or would like to switch it up from lure fishing to a more relaxed style of fishing.​

    - A few more lures
    Add rubber-skirted jigs, shallow-running floating jerkbaits, and in-line spinners. These are essential for bass fishing. Jigs are good for bouncing off of underwater logs and rocks. Shallow-runner jerkbaits are good for targeting bass suspended a few feet below the water surface. In-line spinners are great for panfish, crappie, bass, and trout.​

    - Wind and water current affecting casting physics and boat drifting
    Wind speed and direction affects casting and the water current, causing boat drift. A boat anchor can be used to stop the boat from drifting. The wind speed could potentially be used to affect fish behavior as well.​

    IF Dovetail can make all of this possible, I will purchase $200 of Fishing Sim World games/DLC for others as a giveaway. See https://steamcommunity.com/app/834280/discussions/0/1839063537785320720/ for details.

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  2. Duncanmacleod08

    Duncanmacleod08 Member

    Sep 20, 2018
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    Long list of stuff but would make this game awesome and more of a simulator hopefully it gets to that point eventually.

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