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July League - Weekend #3

Discussion in 'PC' started by DTG James H, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. DTG James H

    DTG James H

    Hello everyone,

    The Third Weekend Tournament of the Euro Fishing July League starts this Friday at 16:00 BST and will run until Monday morning. The League is open to all Euro Fishing players so don’t be shy and offers a chance to win some Dovetail Games points and prizes.

    The winners will be announced in the July league thread on Monday.

    Best of luck to all of you!


    How to Join the Weekend Tournament:
    Start the game
    Once in the main menu, click on “Live Tournament” (bottom left tile)

    Tournament Information:
    Dates: starts Friday (15/07) at 16 :00 BST, ends Monday (18/07) at 08:00 BST
    Tournament venue: The Observatory
    Species: Roach, Bream and Tench
    Scoring by highest weight caught
    Attempts allowed: 5 max
    Length of each attempt: 30 min
    Top 25 players will earn July League Points
    Top 300 players will earn extra experience and Tackle Points

    Good luck to everyone!

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