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Just My Feedback (include Ruhrgebiet/essen)

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions & Proposals' started by davidmoryson, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. davidmoryson

    davidmoryson New Member

    Mar 24, 2020
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    Hello, everybody,

    I have already played the game 256 hours according to Steam and I think it is a very great simulator with great atmosphere. But now the addon Ruhrgebiet has been released - I live in Essen myself. This causes me to write a review because I hope that many points can be improved.

    First the positive one - I think graphics etc. have been mentioned enough.
    But I want to emphasize the following point:

    - The timetable mode really gives you a great feeling of freedom. You can play through the game without interrupting the game through the menu - well, at least theoretically.


    This simulator is so far - and in many points ahead of simulators of other topics, that I don't understand why it leaves a lot to be desired in some points:

    - Bugs that don't get fixed.
    For example, if you stand around in Manchester - Leeds for a longer period of time, you can't step on any more locomotives. Or in Ruhr-Sieg the tasks in the timetable do not trigger correctly and you cannot take over the train properly. When the message: "Please leave the train" is displayed, the simulator often doesn't notice that you have run away for miles in the meantime. In general a kind of button would be helpful with which you can clearly take over and hand over a train. If you see a train at the platform, you often don't know where it wants to go or when it wants to leave.

    - With tracks a lot of potential is wasted.
    I know that you can't show a region like the Ruhr area in a simulator. Especially not for 30 €. But nevertheless there are many sights on the route. In Mülheim for example these skyscrapers near the station side by side. They exist in the addon as well, but in completely wrong form. The same building is also supposed to be the "LUEG" building in Bochum. In general, I find the main stations extremely unlovingly depicted. Sure, you can't illustrate every shop. But just the station roof is not enough either. In general, there is always too little going on at the station. Or the station plaza is shown much too ugly. In Essen, where you enter the shopping street there is a winding road in the simulator that leads nowhere.
    Apart from that I don't understand one thing:
    Someone who has the addon Wuppertal-Hagen and Hagen-Finnentrop: Why can't he drive this route continuously? Or at least sees the S-Bahn of one addon in the Hagen main station of the other addon. But it gets worse with the Main-Spessart addon. There are still some stations near Aschaffenburg which are not used by the addon at all (Südbahnhof etc.). But you can go there and hang up timetables. Thanks.

    I guess the editor should help here. Then missions could be built. But unfortunately there is no editor. Well, that's too bad.

    - Strange things happened:
    Trains parked - with passengers inside or trains driving around with a "Do not board" sign. Or trains enter the station but leave the doors closed for 10 minutes. Is it so difficult to implement something like this cleanly?

    Do not misunderstand. I think the simulator is good. Otherwise I would not spend so much time with it. Also the fact that the city of Essen is now part of it, is of course great. That's why I would really like to see the above mentioned points addressed. Then the thing would be unbeatable from my point of view.

    Oh, and before I forget: x-cars for the S-Bahn would be a dream. The BR143 is already there ;-)

    Glück Auf!
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